'I have had psychic visions, visitations, and guidance since childhood. In 1973 I began meditating with Muktananda, a well-known spiritual teacher from India. With his help my psychic abilities began to unfold, and I found that the transformation that resulted identified my life's work; Psychic Healing, through Readings and other transformative work. 

By 1977, after some training with Family of Man, led by Marsha Mossman, my natural abilities, were further awakened and I began doing readings professionally and teaching classes and workshops. I now also work internationally in Europe and Asia. I am clairsentient, which means I 'sense' in my body what is going on with clients. I also channel and read the energy field around the body, also known as aura. This can give information on past lives, current challenges, relationships, and your health.’


‘I suggest ways to improve life's situations, but remind clients they must make their own decisions. I work with my client's spirit guides and can contact loved ones who have passed. I do individual, couple, and group readings and give talks, classes, and workshops under the title Opening the Lotus, a term that refers to opening the energy centers or chakras of the body. My own radio show, Psychic Insights was on the air for six years, and I work very effectively through the media. I find my best skills lie in the area of helping people further align with their Higher Selves, identify with their life's purpose and making better life decisions by understanding themselves and their karmic situation.’


‘Simply: if we act with love, then we will receive loving kindness in return. If we act with selfishness, greed, violence, etc., then those also will return. This principle operates over lifetimes. It is the outworking of the principle of justice. Negative karma can be addressed, healed, and released with a strong intent to do be a force for good in the world.’  In popular language “what goes around comes around”.’