I read the aura, channel, and also use my abilities as a clairsentient to work with people as I do private readings in person, by telephone or skype. I also offer OPENING THE LOTUS talks and workshops. As a psychic consultant, I am deeply committed to helping people meet personal and spiritual challenges through better understanding of the life’s issues they are facing.

My commitment Is to support you in the development of your inner guidance rather than depending on me for answers.  Should I feel I cannot help someone, I suggest other resources and refund the money. See  testimonials below from some of my clients




Length: One hour (CD available). More or less time on request.
When: By appointment; go to contact page.
Where: In person, by Skype, or on the phone. My home office is  near Santa Cruz, California and I am available in many other places when traveling – check schedule page.
For email address, payment options, questions or if you would like to register for a private reading or an event see Contact Page.


Life reading
One half hour of channeling and one half hour for questions.

Channeled reading
One hour of channeling using the full name and birth date. This reading may include past, present, and future.

Psychic Consultation
One full hour of responding to questions -- personal, business, future, health, etc.

Akashic reading
“Past Lives” that are affecting your present, including suggestions on how to work with the Karma.

Relationship Readings
Help recognizing and transforming Karmic and other patterns that block or limit progress in your relationships.

Birth or Young Child Readings
Guidance for the child’s future.


My religion is very simple
My religion is kindness

Dalai Lama


Maitra has been instrumental in assisting me to clear away the obstacles necessary for me to gain clarity so that I am able to make positive choices in my life. She has helped me identify choices in my life. She has helped me identify the messages I receive from my own inner voice and learn to trust this information. This has given me the strength and confidence to assess and process situations on my own.
Cindy Ling (Restaurant owner, Carmel, California)

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Through Maitra's help I have finally realized that I have been living in my wound for so long that I have forgotten to open my eyes to the world and the people around me. She helps me realize that I do love myself, or I would not work so hard on myself. I am still working on self acceptance and building confidence, but now I know there is a future for me with lots of possibilities. The past no longer overshadows my life.
Phoenix Bao (Los Angeles)

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Maitra teaches me to take things less seriously and helps me understand myself. Her loving heart and open mind help me have better access to myself and understand the plans of my soul on a deep level. She has helped me clarify my connections to others and look at my life from the point of my heart and soul.
Bea Ender (psychiatric nurse, midwife, and Watsu practitioner, Switzerland)

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Throughout the years that I have been doing Maitra's workshops I have changed from a suffering, frustrated, angry female workaholic who felt inferior to every one else, especially women with relationships that seemed to function, or who were thin and attractive, etc., into a relatively serene and contented, though still (too) hardworking human being. Maitra has a lot to do with this transformation and I am very grateful to her. What else can I say?
K Cadury (Professional translator and cat show judge)

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Throughout most of my life, I've always enjoyed expressing myself through art, be it sketching, painting or designing digital graphics. However, I've often felt there was an intangible obstacle which prevented me from releasing my full potential. Not only did Maitra help me understand my past and therefore the cause of my problem, but also assisted me in bringing the passion back in my work and life.
Weili Wang (Graphic Designer, Houston, TX)

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